Locking Your Iphone

When it comes to iPhones, people get crazy about them. They are the most loved devices thought the world but unfortunately we don’t do much to protect our devices, leaving them at great risk. Not only is the device at risk but also your personal data. Apple provides various layers of security for your device and is regularly updating its security parameters to stay update. You can try this if you have been looking for how to unlock your icloud account.

General information

Why locking your iPhone phone?

using cameraConsider that you forgot your device in your home or at a friend place, if you have not setup a lock on your device, then your personal information could be seen by anyone, and you don’t want that to happen.

Phones contain most recent data and valuable information about you, and if you lose your iPhone for good and there was no security measures set up then it can cause all sorts of a problem if it ends up in wrong hands.

Which Locks to use?

Apple provides its users with state of the art security features which are almost impossible to crack thus ensuring its user that their personal data and information are always secure. The following feature can be used on an iPhone.

1. Setting up a Passcode

If a passcode is set up on a device, it means that for unlocking the same device passcode has to be entered. Depending upon the user’s choice passcode can be of either 4-digits or 6-digits. Also, iPhone lets you select custom passcodes which can be either alphanumeric or numeric. If ten successive wrong attempts are made the phone gets disabled and has to be opened via icloud.

2. Setting up touch ID

Touch ID is used to identify the owner of the phone via biometric scans. The home buttons on iPhone 5s and above is a kind of fingerprint scanners and makes it quicker and easier to enter your phone without entering your passcode. It doesn’t let other people get on your phones, but still, passcodes are the stronger security system.

3. Setting up activation lock

By far this has been a most important security feature that Apple has applied to its devices. It requires the original Apple id and password which was used to set up the device before the device can be reactivated after it has been erased. This feature gets self-activated as soon as you sign in with a valid Apple ID on a device.

4. Lost mode

Lost mode featureIt is a feature which locks your device and displays a custom message with a number to contact you. As soon as the lost mode is activated via icloud account, it starts tracking the device and displays its current location even if location services were disabled on the device.

What to expect after activating these features?

After you have enabled above feature, you can be assure that no one will have access your personal data even if it lands in wrong hands. And it has been noted in some cases that lost device was returned to original owner.

holding iPhone 7

The different methods of Unlocking your iPhone 7

Are you having problems trying to unlock your new iPhone 7? It is obvious that all iPhones are initially locked. This is because their SIM is locked by the carrier who initially signs a contract with them. If you need to unlock your iphone 7 and do not know how to go about it, then you have come to the right place. This Guide on iPhone 7 unlock will provide you with all the methods of unlocking your iPhone 7 that you need to know.

Different Methods that can be used to unlock your iphoiPhone 7ne 7

When you go out to seek solutions to unlock your iphone 7, there are three methods that you are likely to encounter from all service providers. This article will provide details about each of the three iphone 7 unlocking methods that you need to know. The three methods of unlocking iphone 7 include;

Software based unlocking method

These are computer aided unlocking solutions that ultimately do not work. This is because they are risky and can easily destroy your phone. They are not safe at all, and you are advised from using any service provider who uses them.

Hardware based iphone 7 jail break

These are phone unlocks that rely mainly on phone parts to unlock the phone. However, these unlock have proved to be risky and ineffective in unlocking iphone 7.

IMEI Unlock method

This is the safest method of unlocking your iphone 7. The method adds you iphone 7 hardware number to the apple’s whitelisted phone global database. This means that the lock is on your phone is removed when you try to connect using Apple servers next time. There are many providers who provide IMEI unlocks, but this article will only provide information aboutiPhone the best from the rest. However to obtain the best unlock service it is important to choose a provider who is located in your area.

If you are located outside USA or UK, and your iPhone is locked, your can try using the official iphone 7 service.They have a great customer service team that will promptly handle your iphone 7 unlock issue with great professionalism. It is also possible to get iphone 7 unlock when you contact the carrier that you intend to migrate to especially if they are from other rival firms.

It is important to examine the reputation and user reviews of a phone unlocking company before making your payments. This will help you gauge the fake and the genuine providers. These are the best methods of unlocking your iphone 7.