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Best dog collar gear and equipment for your dog

Dog collars allow you to train your dog easily. The collars are made from different types of materials such as cotton, metal, leather and nylon.

Types of Dog Collars

There are many types of dog collars available at Pet Gear Lab with the best ones being:

Halter-typeDog using Collars

You should place it on the dog’s head, from the neck to nose. It usually connects with the leash on the dog’s chin. This collar is ideal for you if your dog is large and strong, and has the tendency of pulling himself. When you pull the leash, you will pull the dog’s head down or on the side. This makes it impossible for the dog to move ahead or pull you forward thus giving you all the control you need over the dog.


This one you place around the neck and the shoulders of the dog. The unit is usually recommended for dogs with upper respiratory diseases. You can also use it if your dog is suffering from diseases of the throat or trachea such as collapsed trachea.


The unique thing about this unit is that it doesn’t have a buckle and easily slips over the head of the dog. The unit is designed for small show dogs and dogs with smaller heads. For it to tighten around the dog, you have to position it correctly.

How to Buy the Right dog Collar

For you to buy the right dog collar, you need to consider some factors.

One of the impodogrtant factors that you should consider is the size of the dog. To obtain the accurate measurement you have to use a flexible tape measure. If you don’t have a tape measure, you should consider wrapping a string loosely around the dog’s neck and then mark where the two ends meet.

To determine if the collar will fit your dog you should measure it from the centering bar to the farthest hole. For comfort, you should allow two inches for adjustments.

This is what you need to know about dog collars. As rule of thumb, you should buy those made from durable materials such as leather and metal. You should also ensure that you buy the units from a reputable store.

Benefits of an automatic cat feeder

One of the perks of having a cat is the company they provide. Therefore to keep them happy and consistently lively, they have to be fed on a regular schedule. Feeding our pets is a paramount step in ensuring that they are well nourished and foster their health. However, given the many responsibilities you might have, finding sufficient time to feed your feline friend might be challenging. This is why getting an automatic cat feeder the best idea. Visit to get a comparison of the best automatic cat feeders. Below are some of the advantages you get by buying this awesome product.

Advantages of an automatic cat feeder

Conveniencecats eating

People these days need to take on multiple jobs to make ends meet, limiting the amount of time they have to give their cats the care and attention they deserve. Therefore, getting an automatic cat feeder will make sure that your cat gets food even in your absence. Hence you get enough time to take care of your businesses.

Automated rationing

Rationing is a crucial aspect when giving cats their food. Cat food is not that affordable therefore ensuring that can get the right amount of food will make sure that you save some money and still have the cat nourished and healthy. These automatic cat feeders can easily ration foods and be able to feed your cat over an extended period.

Feed multiple cats

It becomes stressful to feed cats, especially those that do not play nice with each other. The automatic cat feeder includes technologies that allow only one cat to eat at a go. All you need to do is have the cats wear a unique tag that can be wirelessly programmed into the machine and enable the device to identify the individual cats. This will teach the cats to be disciplined and patient.

Refill alert

All cat owners are quite familiar with forgetting to get cat food, creating a crisis when it gets finished. The automatic cat feeders have an inbuilt feature that can be easily programmed to notify the pet owners to get more food when its almost over. This makes it easier to remember and avoid catastrophe.

Enhance nutrition

The whole idea behind feeding you cat or cats isfat cat to have them well nourished with good health. Therefore, by getting an automatic cat feeder, you make this possible by automating the whole process.