All That You Need To Know About Metal Detectors

Metal detecting is a great hobby that never loses its charm. In fact, there are reportedly more treasure hunters now who are getting their detectors out to have fun digging for metals. They are hoping to find good fortune through their search. But if you don’t know anything about this hobby yet, you have to start educating yourself about the core metal detecting knowledge. For one, you have to know how to use your metal detector correctly and what you should do to increase your chances of having greater finds.

Metal Detectorusing Metal Detector

The first detector sold commercially was in the 1960s. This equipment was first used for industrial applications, with mining as its most popular use The detector is used to find buried metals beneath the ground that the human eyes cannot see. It is also used extensively in the military especially in detecting buried mines and concealed weapons in the field. Metal detectors eventually became more popular among treasure hunters. It helped the hobbyists discover great treasures with high monetary and historical value. The financial gains that treasure hunters get are among the great motivators for people to get involved in metal detecting.

Cost of Metal Detector

There are metal detectors which cost less than a hundred dollars, but if you want a high-performance detector you have to pay hundreds of dollars for it. As a beginner, you can settle with using a $60 detector. If you are still feeling this hobby whether you will like it for a long time or not, you can always rent a metal detector. High-quality detectors are usually available for rent at $12 per day.

How a Metal Detector Works

There are several types of technology used in metal detectors, such as beat frequency oscillator, pulse induction, and induction balance. Each type of metal detector uses different techniques in finding metals beneath the ground. Some detectors can distinguish one metal from the other. This is the kind of device that you need to avoid wasting your time by digging only the valuable treasures instead of including trash in your hunt.

Common Forms of Metal Detecting

MetalThe metal detecting hobby can be found in various ways. It may involve coin shooting where you have to look for money in places where people usually gather, such as in festival grounds. It may also be beach combing where you will go metal detecting on the beach after most of the beachgoers are gone during sunset. These beaches may hold the lost valuables of beachgoers. Another form of metal detecting is relic hunting. This is the original form of treasure hunting wherein you have to look for historically valuable items.

Best Spots

The best metal detecting spots are city parks, school grounds, beaches, ski pistes and the like. These are places where many people gather and their things easily get lost. If you want to find ancient relics or artifacts, look for ancient battlegrounds, fields, historic sites, and old paths. There are likely buried treasures here.