Discover amazing places in Napa Valley using limo services

Most famous museums are located within the towns of Healdsburg, Calistoga, Petaluma, etc. in Napa Valley which cover issues ranging from wild animals, genealogy to art and culture not to mention the background of winemaking. It is rather common for tourists finding a limo service and gone a Napa tours, when you hire the services of a limo to visit various vineyards, you can also take a day off to go to some of the excellent museums here. Check out napa valley wine tours limo and make a reservation today!

Here is a set in place of museums which you must not miss when you are on a Napa Valley tour:

1. Hand Fan Memorial

It can be the only museum in the USA which is dedicated to hand fans. The museum has a lovely collection of over 2300 new as well as antique hand fans. Make an effort to visit this enchanting museum, and you would be excited by seeing the beautiful, antique hand followers with intricate designs and patterns. You can also purchase hand fans for your friends, family, and colleagues from a store inside the museum.

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2. Napa Valley Art Gallery

Shell out a visit to the Napa Valley Museum to discover the richness of Napa Valley’s winemaking background, environment, culture and artistry. Various exhibits ranging from fine arts, history to natural science are offered with an aim to entertain and educate the tourists.

3. COPIA- American Centre for Wine Food and Art

Now this should top your set of must visit museums. It is the only institution in all of California where you can learn the art, history of wine drinks. Food exhibitions, wine sampling events, interactive programs and annual concerts take place regularly.

4. Healdsburg Museum & Historical Society

Founded in 1976, the mission of this organization is to help the local history of Healdsburg area. The art gallery has a collection of artifacts which moves back to early 20 century, and there is also a library which contains more than eight thousand photographs.

5. Petaluma Historical Collection and Museum

Petaluma Historical Library and Museum is known for housing the California’s major free position stained glass dome. You can find books on genealogy, early maps and architectural research of Petaluma in the library.


6. Chevy Museum

Silverado Museum is the important visit for die-hard fans of Robert Paillette Stevenson. The museum gets the major collection of the writer’s works outside Ireland. The little museum has over 7000 artifacts, 8000 manuscripts, photographs, and letters.

If you go on a Napa Valley tour, make sure you check out these beautiful museums. You can certainly hire from a reputed limousine provider and get set to experience Napa Valley in a limo beyond the wines.