hairdressing scissors

Tips On Buying Hairdressing Scissors

You may think that buying hairdressing scissors is the easiest and cheapest thing to do but my friend you are wrong. In the scissors stores, there are a lot of types, and this might make you feel confused because you may not be sure of the one you want. There are thinning scissors, texturizers and even standard scissors. It is important that you go through them in details and get to know what you want.

Purchasing buying hairdressing scissors

Some of us think that scissors are just scissors, and they have two blahairdressingdes that open and close and thus allow you to cut a lot of things like hair but that is not enough. You need to know that scissors vary in their length, the handles too differ there are straight handles, offset and semi-offset handles. These are some of the important things that you need to know and understand about scissors before you decide on buying a pair. Below are some of the tips on buying hairdressing scissors.

Consider the length

When you are planning to buy hairdressing scissors, you must consider the length as one of the aspects. When we talk of length we refer to the total length, and not the length of the blades. For example, scissors with a length of 6” and more are considered for some specific barber cuts thus are not good in standard hairdressing. The most used are those of 5, ” and you would not be wrong trying it out

Type of hairdressing scissors that you want

This is what you need to know and understand first. Before you buy a pair of hairdressing scissors why don’t you ask yourself what you want, ensure that you understand all the features of the scissors you are looking for. You might be interested in the standard cutting scissors but remember that there are also thinning scissors made in a way that they take some of the thickness out of the hair and some add texture to your hair while some, are made in a way that they take care of some cuts only. This is why you need to know which type of scissors you are looking for. If it is the one used to add some texture to your, hair then go for it.

The type of handle you are looking for

hairdressing scissorsYou have known the type of scissors you are looking for, so what is your next step? You need to know the type of handle you want your scissors to have. There are two types of handles in the market that you are supposed to consider. For example, the straight handle is one in which the handles of the scissors are parallel to each other. These types of handles are very popular in the market and they are the most considered compared to the other type of handles. The other type of handle is the offset handles that have one handle shorter than the other. This type is not common but some people find it okay and comfortable especially those who have long fingers.