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Advantages and Disadvantages of SARMs

When you hear the word bodybuilding or bodybuilder, you immediately think of steroids. Because some bodybuilders do take steroids as this is popular among athletes and bodybuilders because it is a performance-enhancing drug. However, this is prohibited, especially to competitions.

Now, there is an alternative performance-enhancing drug that is becoming popular in the world of bodybuilding. They are known as selective androgen receptor modulator, or SARMs. There are different sub-types of SARMs such as Cardarine, YK11, RAD140, etc. Now if you are a woman, looking to try SARMs, you might be overwhelmed as most guides out there are male-oriented. However, there are a couple of reasons why SARMS are better than steroids or prohormones for women.

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Health Benefits

Selective androgen receptor modulator are known to aid in muscle growth, which will lead to stronger muscles, and prevention of injuries. They are also know to help recover your tissues much quicker.

Minimal Side Effects

There’s a reason why SARMs are called as a better alternative to anabolic steroids. They do not have any side effects to the human body and to other body organs. Men won’t experience shrinking of testicles, or enlargement of breasts, and women won’t experience abnormal hair growth or deepening of voice.


You can buy SARMs online. There are a lot of sites selling these, so it’s convenient and accessible.

Stacking Abilities

There are different sub-types of SARMS, and when you combined one type of SARM with another it could give you better results. For example, LGD-4033 is not the best for burning fats, but with you combine with other SARMs, it’s potential to burn fats increases.

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FDA or Food and Drugs Administration has not approved SARMs. It is also prohibited from sports competitions.

Other Effects

Some studies show that same as anabolic steroids, it could also cause liver damage and increase the risk of heart conditions and stroke.

Limited Abilities

Some sub-types of SARMs needs to be combined with another to show better results, as one type might not be sufficient of what you are trying to achieve. So if studies are correct about its side effects, combining different SARMs increases your chances of getting it.

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How to Boost Business Productivity Using Technology

Business productivity is vital in any industry. The faster the rate of production, the higher the profits rise. For any enterprise to succeed, they need to find ways to increase the rate of production and services. This is because it has improved the potency of businesses by far, and developers are trying to make it faster. Here is how you can boost business productivity through the use of tech.

Work from Anywhere

With the advancements in computer systems, software, and network, it is easy to work from anywhere. Employees can get work done outside the office and send it through the internet. Many mobile, web, and desktop applications give room for this, and it is also easy to have one developed for you by a professional. It is important to use a VPN if you are planning on doing this because your information might be at risk of hackers. Working at the comfort of wherever you are can increase the productivity of your business.


Before email, people would have letters delivered to the recipients. This would take several days, if not weeks, depending on how far the receiver resides. If you had to communicate something urgently, it was not a convenient means. That led to the need for faster communication means, and email was created. Because of advancement in technology, you can now send messages to anyone who is at any place in the world, and they will receive it immediately. This leads to an increased rate of productivity because you can perform transactions faster, improve customer care, and collaborate with other companies.
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Access to Information

With the internet, you can find anything you seek. Physically finding it might be of greater help, but the internet can direct you on where to find information. Employees that have access to any information available will utilize it and increase the production of your company. A lot of consultation would be involved to find information that you do not know. This can be time-consuming and does not guarantee your finding of answers, and thus, the production is slowed down. Having access to it can speed up this process, and additional information can be used to solve other problems.

You can do all the work that is done manually using a computer, which is relatively faster than human speed.


Powerful Storytelling Techniques You Should Know

Storytelling is an art, and it is one of the oldest known forms of communication. In the modern world, it is used as a marketing strategy that has made its way into board rooms and pop stores. It is now hailed as an important skill for the future. Ideally, the purpose of storytelling is to explain something or deliver a message. The truth is that you are already a storyteller, but it is vital to improving your skills. To improve your skills, you can try storytelling coaching. The following are some techniques to help.

Have a Hero and an Enemy

pirates storyUsually, stories ought to have a bad guy and a nice guy – also known as an enemy and a hero. The enemy does not have to be a person; it can be a desert or even fear within someone. The climax of the story is how the hero beats the enemy. One of the questions you should ask yourself, what is the main enemy of my clients or customers? Is it bad hair? Do they have unfulfilled dreams?

Use Conflict

Conflict can be defined as friction between the hero and enemy and how it manifests. It can show up as the hero who is trying to cross the desert or even a business owner who wants to defeat a certain problem. In this case, the conflict will describe obstacles that you encounter on your way to success.

Omit Irrelevant Details

If there are details that do not develop the characters or move the story, you should omit such details. Remember that you need to keep the listener or reader’s attention. If they are not interested to know about the sneakers you used to cross the river, you do not have to tell them about the sneakers.

Talk Your Story

Although this is quite simple, a lot of storytellers have not mastered it. In fact, corporate-speak ruins a lot of stories. If you sound corporate, then you should hire a storyteller.

Make It Visual

Most of the children’s storybooks have pictures. Some of the greatest stories have been turned into movies. You should note that images give life to a story. By adding images to your story, you can make it powerful.

Make It Personal

Start by using images of what happened or where it happened. Consider using images of real people in your stories rather than stock photo models. As you narrate your story, show your personality, and reveal both your fears and weaknesses.